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Hazard Pads

Prevent injury from protruding ladder rails or other hazards on trucks or in the firehouse. Made of rugged Hypalon material in bright Safety Yellow filled with 1" thick shock absorbing polyester foam. Pad fits over ladder rails and is held securely in place with Shock Cord Fasteners. Shock Cord Fastener is permanently attached to "D" ring on one side of the Hazard Pad. The other end is stretched over ladder rung and snapped on the "D" ring on the other side of Pad. Larger Hazard Pads to cover both rails have two Shock Cord Fasteners. Additional Shock Cord Fasteners available to fasten pad to truck.

Sizes: (inside dimensions)
7" x 4",  19" x 5",  24" x 6-1/2",  24" x 9"
All pads 6" deep.

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