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Dump and Pump

A Dump & Pump tank can be set up in seconds by two men. Just pull out frame and it's ready to be filled from tanker or auxiliary water trucks. Pumper can begin to draw water while the Dump & Pump tank is being filled. When empty, tanker is free to go for a new supply of water while fire is being fought with water from the Dump & Pump tank. Standard sizes available from 1100-4000 gallons.

Dump & Pump portable tanks are used as a standby water supply where a threat of a new outbreak of fire exists. Several tanks could be deployed at different strategic positions near homes or farms when grass or forest fires threaten. It's not necessary to tie up major equipment; the Dump & Pump tanks and auxiliary water pumps are all that's needed. Dump & Pump portable tanks will increase the efficiency of your fire fighting unit at a fraction of the cost of additional tankers.

Dump & Pump Specifications

Folds quickly and compactly to about 6" thick for convenient storing and handling. Stores neatly on truck or in station and is easily carried and set up by just two men.

  1. Hand welded steel frame.
  2. Tank is laced to frame with 3/16" flexible steel cable.
  3. Heavy duty grommets inserted through four thicknesses of material resist tearing out.
  4. Tank... Choice of five materials, featuring 22 ounce Hypalon.
  5. Four thicknesses of material reinforce corners for longer life.
  6. All seams are glued, double sewed and treated.
  7. Safety Yellow, more visible day or night. Red available in most materials.
  8. 10" tunnel drain empties tank quickly.

Special Sizes

We will custom make a Dump & Pump tank to suit your specific requirements. Send sketch or description for free quotation.

For extra deep portable tank, view DEEP DUMP.

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