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Strip Curtains

Made of thick, flexible vinyl sheeting that is exceptionally clear and transparent. Hung in strips or sheets, it provides energy savings, noise abatement, and worker and product protection while still allowing easy access to enclosed areas.

Energy Savings
Firl Strip Curtains reduce heat or cold loss, help maintain the environment, and protect products and workers. They open only wide enough to allow a person, vehicle or object to pass through -- minimizing energy loss.

Firl Strip Curtains help your compliance with OSHA safety regulations. They help control and contain dust, smoke, and drifting sprays and provide a barrier for flying sparks. The transparent strip curtains provide see-thru visibility, minimizing collision accidents.
Noise Abatement
The overlapping of the Firl Strip Curtains enable you to enclose high noise level areas. Excellent for sound attenuation around noisy equipment and production areas.

Firl bronze or safety orange transparent vinyl strip curtains for welding areas stop dangerous ultraviolet and near ultraviolet radiation of welding arc flash. Supervisors can safely view the welder through curtain even when arc is struck.

Firl Strip Curtains are made of heavy-duty vinyl sheeting. Flexible, very durable and long lasting. It has excellent transparent properties, is ideal for indoor or outdoor use. It has a broad operating temperature range and remains flexible. It is highly resistant to stretch and sag.

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