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Lets fresh air in,
keeps insects out.
Rolls up conveniently
when doorway is in use.

Roll-up Insect Screen Doors

A convenient way to keep pesky flies, mosquitoes and other insects out while letting fresh air in.

K-Screens can be used on inside or outside doorways or even in passageways. They roll up conveniently and compactly at top of door frame. Ideally suited for loading dock areas. A must for areas where food and beverages are processed.

K-Screens are made of durable fiberglass screening. It is tear and mildew resistant and is not affected by temperature extremes. Two 10-inch wide K-Prene wear panels for the rope system are sewn the full length of the screen. This prevents sagging and gives more strength and longer life to the K-Screen.

Two inch wide Velcro fastener strips are sewn down both sides to seal screen to mating Velcro strips fastened to doorway. The Velcro seal provides maximum protection and prevents flapping in the wind.

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