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Folding Safety Screens

4-panel enclosure with
Kleer-Look tinted vinyl
for welding screen (shown)
is 6 ft. high with two 6 ft.
and two 8 ft. wide panels.

Firl Folding Safety Screens for No Flash welding booths, paint spray booths, grinding shields, temporary partitions, draft control and many other protective uses. Folds compactly on 2-way hinges for convenient storage and handling.

Frame is made of 1" tubular 18-gauge steel with black finish. All joints are "slip-fit". No threading required for assembly.

Frame consists of 4 straight sides and 4 corner Connecting Bends. Hinges and Leg Posts are part of the Connecting Bends where required to join and support frames. "T" Braces can be added to Leg Posts to support single panels or straight screens. Casters can be added to Leg Post of "T" Braces.

A combination of the frame sizes offers a variety of screen sizes and shapes, to suit any need whether a single screen panel with "T" Braces, double panel, triple or 4-panel enclosure.

Single and multiple frames are covered with a single piece of material to form a continuous screen with No Gap, No Flash protection between frames. Material is hemmed and grommeted and is attached to frame with 6" nylon cable ties.

8 oz. (per yard) Kleer-Look transparent safety orange or green vinyl. Filters out harmful ultraviolet rays of welding or sunlight. Ideal for welding areas, sun shades, etc. and they're safer, workers can be seen and helped in event of injury or if other assistance or supervision is required.*

Also available in Canvas Duck (safety yellow, safety green, olive green) and Vinyl Nylon (safety yellow, safety green, black).

*Note: For direct, close-range viewing of welding arcs, approved eye protection should always be worn.

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